What's seasonal rental ?

Seasonal rental : which apartments are concerned and which rules must be applied ?

Seasonal rental concerns furnished accommodations. Unlike classic residential leases, under the law of July 6th 1989, seasonal rental is only governed by the civil code (article 1713 and following). The length, price and terms of the contract are thus fixed by the two parties.

A number of rules, however, must be respected :

  • The duration of a temporary stay for one and the same tenant must not excede one season, meaning 90 days.
  • The length is not renewable.
  • Some courts have validated a seasonal rental contract in a seaside resort, for a lenght of 6 months.

Often, the term seasonal rental is used to refer to rental in regions which are suitable for short or medium-term tourist stays (in the mountains, for example). However, seasonal rentals are also offered in cities that may not have a seasonal interest.

Seasonal contracts are perfectly suited to individuals traveling to a city for a tourist stay. Lyon having been voted the best European weekend destination, the city with a historical heritage listed by Unesco attracts many tourists every year. Also, the seasonal rental is suitable for those who wish to visit their family or loved ones.

A seasonal contract can be adapted for business trips in the region: professional assignments from a few nights to several weeks or months.

In addition to professional mobility, seasonal rental is a solution for those relocating, who require an intermediate option during their search for a main residence or before finding an apartment for traditional rental. Families or individuals can also have recourse to seasonal or temporary rental during construction work in their home.


Seasonal rental is regulated by law and must meet a number of criteria:

Unlike conventional residential leases that are subject to the law of July 6, 1989, seasonal rentals are governed only by the Civil Code (article 1713 et seq.).

Only furnished tourist accommodations can be offered for seasonal rental. These are furnished and equipped apartments for the exclusive use of the tenant. A furnished tourist apartment must be declared at the town hall and obtain a registration number. In some municipalities, the owner of a second home will have to request an authorization for seasonal rental from the town hall. In addition, specific regimes may apply to different areas (such as the Lyon hypercentre).

In terms of insurance, the furnished tourist flat will either be insured by the owner or the tenant (according to the conditions set out in the rental contract).

What option is there for temporary rental over 90 days?

While the regulatory framework for seasonal rental requires stays of up to 90 days maximum, temporary rental can refer to stays of several months that exceed 90 days.

The mobility lease (created by the ELAN law in 2018), is a more flexible temporary rental option than seasonal rental. Under a mobility lease, a temporary tenant can rent a furnished self-catering apartment for a stay of 1 to 10 months. However, it is mandatory that the reason for the booking is professional (training, internship, professional transfer, temporary assignment, mission, apprenticeship, etc.). The tenant must be able to justify their reason for renting with a document (a certificate by their company, for example).

The mobility lease is non-renewable and cannot exceed 10 months. Its duration can be modified once by an amendment, but the entire duration must be a maximum of 10 months. At the end of the lease, the tenant and owner can sign a main residence contract, if the tenant wishes to continue occupying the accommodation.

What does Urban Sejour offer in terms of seasonal rental ?

Urban Sejour offers studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom apartments, as well as houses.

All our furnished flats are rated by a certifier organization, approved by the Ministry of Tourism :

NB : The majority of our apartments correspond to the  criteria of a 4 stars rating. But because of the rise of the tourist tax in the city, the apartments’ owners have decided to rate them 3 stars instead.

Here are a few examples of our seasonal rental housings that could legally be rated 4 stars  :  Lyon 2 – Bellecour Gailleton, , Lyon 6 – Orangerie du Parc, Lyon 5 – Vieux Lyon 24 Colonnes


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