You are coming to Lyon to escape your routine and to have an enriching experience, to get acquainted with the country, its customs, its gastronomy and its wines …

You are coming to learn French or you are on a school exchange for a few weeks or several months?

The temporary rentals are the best solution for you.

You don’t need to fill in endless forms, subscribe accounts for water, electricity, internet; this alternative rental will bring you full satisfaction.

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7 Rue Saint-Georges
69005 Lyon

Scientists, CEOs, managers, trainees, singers, flight attendants, lawyers, police officers, or just travelers …

Over 15.000 persons have booked our accommodations since the start of our business.

Urban Sejour offers completely furnished and equipped lodgings, for short, medium and long-term rentals.

For any length of stay, we will provide you with a convenient arrangement.

You will profit from our degressive tariffs based on the duration of stay.

We propose different types of excellent flats, all taxes being covered by the pricing: Wifi, heating, gas, bed sheets, washcloth …

The dwellings are situated in each one of Lyon’s quarters and surroundings, enabling you to find the most fitting solution.

Don’t hesitate to reach us by e-mail or phone.

We will inform you at once of our available properties that correspond to your requirements.

A specialist is at your service to reply to your requests:

We invite you to check our website to learn about all our accommodations.

Find convenience and coziness abroad!