If you are looking for a stay of a few months, or a longer stay, Urban Séjour is the perfect choice !


Mid-term stay

If you are moving to Lyon temporarily, or searching for a new home, a mid-term housing could be the right solution for you. Flexible leases, typically 3 to 9 months long, can be offered in the form of month-to-month rentals (also called monthly rentals). These extended stays / sublets can allow you to fulfil a job mission, or to discover the city during a vacation.
These rentals can also be of interest for :

  • Students on rotation, or for the duration of an internship in Lyon,
  • Traveling workers  (digital nomads, contractors, travel nurses).

Long-term stay


If you are planning to settle in Lyon permanently, you can rent through annual / standard leases. Our agency offers flats that are fit for a year-round duration.


Discover our beautiful  apartments for medium or  yearlong rentals :


Lyon 1 – Cordeliers Hôtel de Ville



Lyon 2 – Cordeliers Edouard Herriot



Lyon 7 – Rhône Claude Bernard



Lyon 6 – Brotteaux Waldeck Rousseau